viernes, 8 de mayo de 2009

martes, 28 de abril de 2009


I got a late response from Susana Correia that she'd like to be part of the project. She works solo as DJ su:real and collaborates with fellow scientists Penelope Martin, Beta Evers and Heinrich Mueller in the conceptual music project known as Zwischenwelt. She is in New York now, but was working in PR since 2000 until recently as "PR's first female vinyl artist."

Another artist that missed the boat is Lori. She is DJ Lady Liquid and the lead singer for the clashy local band Celestina Robot.

Kristin, a musician in VSJ, is interested in participating in vol. 2, as I forgot to invite her. She's busy working a live electro collaboration with DJ Danny Sparkle and is in the recording studio singing Brazilian ballads with a grina twist.

I find it very common that artists in PR are fufilling different gaps in the scene with a variety of alter egos. In the circle I play around in, I've witnessed a few evolutions of these identity shape-shifters. Yarimir Caban, most recognized for her project Mima, created "Katie" and "Junior" for side project names. While Mima is folky, Brazilian, songs with super fuere lyrics and a percussive funky band that juxtaposes her heavenly voice in a really interesting way nowadays, "Katie" is the character she created for when she is silent on stage playing guitar with Macha Colon. "Junior" is rough and tumble lyrics on top of samples and electronic beats she puts together. Not just the sound changes, the characters visage, too: Mima is mystic, little prince with an 80s edge, Katie smokes cigarettes and wears sunglasses, Junior is androgenous with gold chains and a wife beater that sings inside an airconditioning duct telling off Miguelito and anyone else that tries to front.

Out of all the shape-shifters I've encountered in PR, Danny Sparkle wins with about five or more different DJ acts with different names, different images, logos to match the genre product he puts out under that identity.

So is this about artists needing outlets for their overwhelming creative urges, their need to never get trapped in a self-created box of "my style" and "what the fans expect" and the need for coherency? Is there something capitalist at work here, that in order to survive, artists need to bring home the bacon and find ways of getting different products out there to please different consumers on different nights? For example in San Juan, where there's a limited number of people paying to support the arts in these hard times, will the art appreciater be loyal enough to be going and seeing the same artist once a month with an understanding eye and ear that good art takes time and there may only be one or two new aspects of the performance? Is this Generation X stuff of being able to be whatever you want when you grow up and so me and my friends end up quitting a job once a year or so with idealist ADD that we have to love our job and deserve more than the drudgery of the same secretary/bridge building job for thirty years like our parents and grandparents did? Are we turning our backs on the marketing pressure of being an artist and sticking to what our art has made of us, what it means to be "Mima" and not Yarimir who's growing and changing and not the same person she was three years ago when her first cd came out, that sometimes it's necessary to just play around, and that leaving our mainstay project for a moment to just fool around can sometimes lead to new ideas and stuff that we can use in the main project. It gets you away from the formula you had all figured out, lets you ignore the things you know work, setting them aside to try out something totally different. Patutus, a Dominican artist, once told me that she didn't have a tv because if she wanted to see something, she'd just make it. Maybe each of us is more than one channel.

domingo, 19 de abril de 2009

Segundo Día de Vida

Fue un día más exitoso de lo que esperabamos. Tal y cómo lo planificamos, fuimos a El Pulguero de Los Artistas donde vendimos algunos CD, regalamos otros y, recibimos una invitación para una entrevista de radio el miércoles en la mañana. Esto último gracias a Mareia Quintero quien trabaja en el programa radial "Nota al calce" con Millie Gil en la estación Acción 1600 AM.

Luego de esto fuimos a CIRCA donde pudimos regalar a muchas galerias interanacioles el CD. (En realidad la mayoría fueron a las de España por que yo quiero ir pa'lla.)

De ahí salimos corriendo a comer y más tarde llegamos a los CIRCA Labs donde una vez regalamos más que nada. La mayoría de la gente respondió de una manera super positiva y alentadora. Eso nos pompeó. Lamentablemente, hoy nos dimos cuenta gracias a la cólega Yarimir Cabán que cometimos un error en el CD y no incluímos la canción de la Pantera Rubia!!!
Así que a todos les ofrecimos enviárselos por email. Si de casualidad alguien lo compró y no le cogimos su email, envíenos un mensaje através de este blog.

Que más...mañana hay que empezar a poner la información que no cupo en el "insert" del CD como créditos y agradecimientos.

Como por ejemplo el diseño del cover es de Raina Mast.

sábado, 18 de abril de 2009

Primera Edición del CD

Mi fantasia era quemar 50 copias del CD para vender algunos y regalar otros en la presentación del documental 10 en la Música. La realidad fue que sólo llegamos a imprimir 6 y con algunos errores. Así que con esos nos fuimos a ver que pasaba. Podría ser el lugar perfecto ya que la música y el deseo, necesidad, apoyo o falta de, eran el tema.

Por poco no vendemos ná pero de alguna manera Raina le vendió uno a Gloria Soto a pesar de que ella es parte del CD con la canción de Las Hermanas Colón. Según Gloria ella le ofreció los chavos a Raina un poco tímida y Raina casi le arranca la mano, suavemente.

El plan era ir al Pulguero de los Artistas y a CIRCA a ofrecerlos y compartirlos. Pero la producción está un poco lenta y creo que ya eso se queda para mañana.

En realidad quiero tener muchos CDs para compartirlos con todo el que pueda y espero que sea el comienzo de muchos otros volumenes de música por mujeres en Puerto Rico.